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Post by Queen Kghyilda on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:55 pm

[2:44:13 PM] Chris W: OH GOD
[2:44:22 PM] Chris W: thefurryfox's place isn't most visited anymore
[2:44:25 PM] Chris W: it's 5th now
[2:44:26 PM] The A&C: oh shit
[2:44:37 PM] Chris W: the new first place is base wars: the land
[2:45:07 PM] Chris W: second place is Welcome To The Town of Robloxia.
[2:45:13 PM] The A&C: WHAT
[2:45:13 PM] Chris W: with 15 million visits
[2:45:56 PM] Chris W: third place is Black Ops 2: Kino Der Toten by pieperson50, at 14.8 million visits
[2:46:09 PM] The A&C: ;_;
[2:46:20 PM] Chris W: fourth place is call of robloxia 5, with 13.8 million visits
[2:46:37 PM] The A&C: at least survive the disasters used an original script
[2:46:43 PM] The A&C: these just hurt
[2:47:23 PM] Chris W: well at least with call of robloxia it can occasionally be fun
[2:47:50 PM] Chris W: also guess what's in sixth place?
[2:47:55 PM] The A&C: wat
[2:48:01 PM] Chris W: sword fighting tournament
[2:48:06 PM] The A&C: FUCK
[2:48:09 PM] The A&C: I HATE THAT PLACE
[2:48:10 PM] Chris W: and in seventh
[2:48:23 PM] Chris W: welcome to ROBLOX building.
[2:48:28 PM] Chris W: i'm serious
[2:48:29 PM] The A&C: im ok with that one
[2:48:36 PM] The A&C: welcome to roblox building is pretty fun
[2:48:40 PM] The A&C: and griefing it was a blast
[2:48:51 PM] Chris W: in eight we have paintball
[2:49:05 PM] The A&C: u-u-ultimate paintball?
[2:49:07 PM] Chris W: not miked's though : (
[2:49:09 PM] Chris W: no
[2:49:12 PM] The A&C: fuck
[2:49:29 PM] The A&C: probably miked's with EXTRA SUPERL33T CFRAME TECHNOLOGY
[2:49:40 PM] Chris W: no it's actually not
[2:50:07 PM] Chris W: this paintball game is daxter33's, and it's completely different from miked's
[2:50:40 PM] Chris W: then we get to row three
[2:50:47 PM] Chris W: and it's just
[2:50:49 PM] Chris W: pain
[2:51:30 PM] Chris W: in ninth is heli wars, in tenth is angry birds tag by jaredvaldez4, in eleventh is catalog heaven, and in twelfth is robloxia jr high school

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Post by dogman is stupid on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:16 pm



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