lcke installs ubuntu

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lcke installs ubuntu

Post by Queen Kghyilda on Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:38 pm

[1:52:58 PM] Chris W: hey
[1:53:03 PM] The A&C: hi
[1:53:38 PM] Chris W: lcke is trying to install ubuntu
[1:53:42 PM] Chris W: "Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit edition.

Any techy OTers in here? I need to know if I'm doing this right.

I installed the .rar and extracted all included files to a desktop folder titled "Ubuntu OS".

I am burning this folder to an external drive (CD).

I am not clear on how to actually run the Ubuntu disc when I restart.

Can anyone help?"
[1:54:36 PM] Chris W:
[1:55:13 PM] The A&C: HOW
[1:55:24 PM] The A&C: ubuntu even comes with an exe installer
[1:55:51 PM] Chris W: it's lckelear are you honestly expecting him to be smart?
[1:57:49 PM] The A&C: all you do is burn to a cd
[1:57:51 PM] The A&C: restart
[1:57:54 PM] The A&C: f12 on boot
[1:58:01 PM] The A&C: go to boot selection
[1:58:04 PM] The A&C: pick CD/DVD
[1:58:15 PM] The A&C: also he thinks the ISO is a RAR
[1:58:18 PM] The A&C: fucking hilarious
[1:58:46 PM] The A&C: gonna laugh when he cant even boot with it
[1:58:52 PM] The A&C: you're supposed to burn isos
[1:59:00 PM] The A&C: extract and d&d doesnt work
[1:59:10 PM] Chris W: hell
[1:59:18 PM] Chris W: even i know ISOs are supposed to be burned
[2:02:02 PM] Chris W: so someone finally started helping him
[2:02:52 PM] The A&C: oh yeah isnt ot going through a linux phase
[2:02:58 PM] Chris W: sort of
[2:03:01 PM] The A&C: everyones using ooboontoo and acting hardcore
[2:03:08 PM] Chris W: yes
[2:03:19 PM] Chris W: and theres some guy whos name i can
[2:03:36 PM] Chris W: 't remember who insists that linux will soon dominate the world
[2:04:38 PM] The A&C: thats why it has 1% of the market share
[2:05:02 PM] Chris W: yes linux will absolutely dominate the world
[2:05:13 PM] Chris W: in a hundred years, maybe
[2:05:20 PM] The A&C: it will never
[2:05:26 PM] The A&C: blame the gnu liscensing agreement
[2:05:40 PM] The A&C: almost all software published has to be FOSS
[2:05:45 PM] The A&C: free and open sourced
[2:05:52 PM] The A&C: so no businesses care about it
[2:06:10 PM] Chris W: the one down side to the GNU
[2:06:17 PM] The A&C: not at all
[2:06:29 PM] The A&C: it keeps software free and keeps linux a SEKRIT KLUB
[2:07:02 PM] Chris W: lcke update
[2:07:05 PM] Chris W: "Wubi.exe is asking me to, I guess, install the *actual* Ubuntu files.

Am I going to be able to access Windows again upon completing this process?

I don't want to take any possible risks; losing my computer's OS would cause me to need to format it, and I will NOT be a happy camper if I have to buy another Windows 7."
[2:07:23 PM] The A&C: what the fuck
[2:07:33 PM] The A&C: does he even know what ubuntu is?
[2:07:38 PM] Chris W: i don't know
[2:07:56 PM] The A&C: also if he's trying to dual boot
[2:08:21 PM] The A&C: it's near impossible to dual boot gnu/linux with windows unless you have a ready livecd of ubuntu/mint/whatever
[2:08:23 PM] The A&C: he's so fucked
[2:08:35 PM] The A&C: since he doesnt have a CD prepared
[2:09:18 PM] Chris W: i can't tell if dokshi is helping him or not
[2:10:04 PM] The A&C: whats he saying
[2:10:30 PM] Chris W: ""I always used their (forgot what it was) dual boot installer for windows"

wubi, creates a fake boot partition within windows for maximum safety

"I installed the .rar and extracted all included files to a desktop folder titled "Ubuntu OS".

I am burning this folder to an external drive (CD)."

you're doing that wrong
look for an .iso file inside the thing you extracted and burn that to the cd

"I am not clear on how to actually run the Ubuntu disc when I restart."

press the boot selection key repeatedly while the computer is starting up, it should either be ESC, F1, F8, or F12."
[2:10:49 PM] Chris W: "also
if you don't know what the following words are, then you really shouldn't be installing a raw copy of a linux distro onto your hard drive, or you could mess up your computer:
-boot order
-desktop environment

now, ubuntu HAS become almost ridiculously user-friendly for linux newbies, but if you screw around you could potentially mess up your bootloader or windows partition
in which case you'd be forced to stick to linux completely unless you have a copy of a windows installation cd"
[2:11:09 PM] Chris W: "ah you're using wubi
just follow the on-screen instructions and don't use install the actual ubuntu files

i'd highly suggest just using a virtual machine if you're new to linux, but wubi is okay

and yeah, you get to access windows again and you can even remove ubuntu from add or remove programs in windows

and if you have your original windows cd then you don't have to buy a new one

and if you don't then you can just buy a bootloader fixer or take it to some geeks who'll fix it for less money than a completely new copy of windows 7

also, the first time you start up ubuntu, it'll take a while to get everything set up for you and will have a purple screen with 'ubuntu' in white letters
do not turn your computer off during this stage or you'll have to reinstall wubi ubuntu"
[2:11:20 PM] Chris W: "wubi is magic and doesn't mess with your partitions at all
it creates a fake bootable medium inside of windows"
[2:11:28 PM] Chris W: "if you're using wubi then dont burn anything, just run wubi.exe
wubi is magic"
[2:11:43 PM] The A&C: [2:11 PM] Chris W:

<<< dont burn anything
[2:11:44 PM] The A&C: WELP
[2:11:49 PM] The A&C: we'll never see lckelear again
[2:12:20 PM] The A&C: he'll get a broken GRUB menu that ammounts to a worthless text prompt
[2:12:24 PM] Chris W: "I'm trusting you with the decision to run Wubi.

I hope this doesn't doom me.

Here goes."
[2:12:43 PM] The A&C: why would you EVEN use Ubuntu alongside windows
[2:13:10 PM] Chris W: "i just learned that ubuntu cannot run steam

[2:13:20 PM] Chris W: i think that may have something to do with it
[2:13:28 PM] Chris W: actually
[2:13:30 PM] Chris W: no
[2:13:33 PM] Chris W: what the hell am i thinking
[2:13:39 PM] The A&C: you can run steam in WINE pretty well
[2:14:02 PM] The A&C: >using filthy proprietary software
[2:14:09 PM] The A&C: typical ubuntu faggot
[2:14:09 PM] Chris W: "sorry in advance if anything goes wrong
i highly doubt anything will go wrong since canonical has been testing wubi for a long time, but if anything does, don't say i didnt warn you (see my 'linux vocab test' above)"
[2:14:16 PM] Chris W: -dokshi
[2:14:26 PM] The A&C: >linux vocab test
[2:14:38 PM] The A&C: its funny because 75% of ubuntu users dont know that shit
[2:15:15 PM] The A&C: tell him to install dragora on his entire disk and try to scramble his way out
[2:15:24 PM] The A&C: thats how you learn linnicks
[2:15:27 PM] Chris W: tell who
[2:15:35 PM] The A&C: lick
[2:15:49 PM] The A&C: im betting 400 dollars that dokshi uses mint or something
[2:16:50 PM] Chris W: 2:15 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: hey lcke
2:16 PM - Infinity Mechanism: wot
2:16 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: install dragora on your entire disk
2:16 PM - Infinity Mechanism: im trying ububtu
2:16 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: i know that
2:16 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: install dragora anyways
[2:16:59 PM] The A&C: >ububtu
[2:17:00 PM] The A&C: wot
[2:17:40 PM] Chris W: 2:17 PM - Infinity Mechanism: when i'm done previewing ubuntu
2:17 PM - Infinity Mechanism: i need to know what i'm doing before i get anything else
2:17 PM - Infinity Mechanism: so i dont risk fucking my os up and spending $200+ on windows 7
[2:18:14 PM | Edited 2:18:17 PM] The A&C: >using windows 7
[2:18:24 PM] The A&C: M$ is giving away windows 8 for free
[2:18:29 PM] The A&C: lckear is maximum retard
[2:19:07 PM] Chris W: 2:18 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: microsoft is giving away windows 8 for free tho
2:18 PM - Infinity Mechanism: wot
2:19 PM - Infinity Mechanism: the beta fersion or
2:19 PM - Infinity Mechanism: actual windows 8
[2:19:22 PM] The A&C: actual
[2:19:59 PM] Chris W: 2:19 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: actual
2:19 PM - Infinity Mechanism: well shite
2:19 PM - Infinity Mechanism: do i have to get a physical copy or is it installable from or something
[2:20:18 PM] The A&C: >
[2:20:26 PM] The A&C: and it's a download
[2:21:03 PM] Chris W: 2:20 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: >\
2:20 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: and it's a download
2:20 PM - Infinity Mechanism: ok good
[2:21:51 PM] Chris W: why do i feel like we're playing a massive prank on him
[2:22:16 PM] The A&C: gee i wonder
[2:22:25 PM] Chris W: that's what i assumed
[2:23:10 PM] Chris W: "i wonder if the linux steam beta is stable enough to run tf2 and chat with friends"
[2:23:31 PM] The A&C: >using steam on gnu/linux
[2:23:35 PM] The A&C: fucking disgusting
[2:23:37 PM] The A&C: DRM piggu
[2:23:38 PM] The A&C: die
[2:23:39 PM] The A&C: get out
[2:23:39 PM] The A&C: die
[2:23:40 PM] The A&C: ide


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Re: lcke installs ubuntu

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:51 pm

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