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the purity of bunnies Empty the purity of bunnies

Post by ACE MCWICKED on Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:17 pm

[4:01:13 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Also how do you not love business suit wearing moon bunnies
[4:01:15 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): HOW
[4:01:21 PM] The A&C: theyre all whores
[4:01:32 PM] The A&C: udong is such a slut she has dong in her name
[4:01:39 PM] The A&C: tewi has an unwashed asshole
[4:02:45 PM] The A&C: i dont give a fuck about the others
[4:03:30 PM] The A&C: and fumos are not dolls ;_;
[4:03:34 PM] The A&C: theyre dolls for men
[4:03:47 PM] The A&C: thats like calling GI Joe a doll
[4:04:03 PM] The A&C: big and american
[4:06:03 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): You realize American is usually USoA and not Canadia right
[4:06:35 PM] The A&C: i have dual citizenship you triple nigger
[4:06:47 PM] The A&C:
[4:06:54 PM] The A&C: exterminate
[4:07:15 PM] The A&C: fucking gook bunnies
[4:07:17 PM] The A&C: interstellar sluts
[4:08:19 PM] The A&C: whorish hares
[4:08:43 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): You realize eventually you're gonna move on to another character right
[4:08:57 PM] The A&C: and when i do i'll get their fumo
[4:09:18 PM] The A&C: raunchy rabbits
[4:09:22 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Is there even a Te one
[4:09:27 PM] The A&C: u wot m8
[4:09:46 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Te is how you say Tewi
[4:10:04 PM] The A&C: tewi's a bitch
[4:10:36 PM] The A&C: and there arent any fumos of any of the steamy interstellar carnal chinchillas
[4:10:44 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): She doesn't even talk
[4:11:03 PM] The A&C: cuz her mouth is too loaded with cock
[4:11:29 PM] The A&C: the ribald rodents
[4:11:32 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Because there's more than one humanoid male in the series
[4:11:51 PM] The A&C: rinnosuke's cock is like
[4:11:54 PM] The A&C: 12 feet in diameter
[4:12:09 PM] The A&C: it fits into their huge goddamn vaginas nice n snug but
[4:12:26 PM] The A&C: their throats are still a little clean of spooge plastering
[4:12:48 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): The fact you can spell Rinnosuke's name right is odd to me
[4:12:48 PM] The A&C: oh and unzan
[4:12:54 PM] The A&C: god knows how huge his dick is
[4:12:57 PM] The A&C: sweet fuck
[4:13:12 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Clouds don't have genitals
[4:13:18 PM] The A&C: he's a shape shifter
[4:13:24 PM] The A&C: he could become a giant fucking cock
[4:13:38 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): That passes through everything
[4:13:43 PM] The A&C: still a cock
[4:13:46 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Because he's a cloud.
[4:14:16 PM] The A&C: the lewd lagomorphs
[4:14:46 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Ran is a whore who yukari sells
[4:14:53 PM] The A&C: fuck off she's pure
[4:14:59 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Nope
[4:15:02 PM] The A&C: yes
[4:15:04 PM] The A&C: suck dicks
[4:15:05 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Plus she's a pedophile
[4:15:17 PM] The A&C: shes still pure
[4:15:19 PM] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): Raping Chen all the time
[4:15:30 PM] The A&C: chen's pure too you negro
[4:15:39 PM] The A&C: actually chen can get raped by a billion floating cocks
[4:15:45 PM] The A&C: i dont care

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