love me some video games

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love me some video games

Post by ACE MCWICKED on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:27 pm

[8:18:54 PM PDT] The A&C: so i just tried touhou 7.whatever punch-lolis-in-the-dick
[8:19:01 PM PDT] The A&C: i hope you were trolling when you said it was a good game
[8:19:03 PM PDT] The A&C: like sincerely
[8:19:04 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): iamp is the worst of the fighting gaems
[8:19:09 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): but it's still okay
[8:19:14 PM PDT] The A&C: it would be good if it were fucking FUNCTIONAL
[8:19:21 PM PDT] The A&C: and if it had usable controls
[8:19:23 PM PDT] The A&C: seriously
[8:19:40 PM PDT] The A&C: it's not okay
[8:19:48 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): did you set your controls or did you use the defaults
[8:20:06 PM PDT] The A&C: it wont even let me set my controls
[8:20:13 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): >Config
[8:20:15 PM PDT] The A&C: holy shit its probably the worst game ive ever played without prior knowledge that it was shit
[8:20:18 PM PDT] The A&C: yeah i went there
[8:20:20 PM PDT] The A&C: no control config
[8:20:25 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): lemme check
[8:21:21 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): config_e.exe
[8:21:33 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): or if you're a non-translation-fag config.exe
[8:21:42 PM PDT] The A&C: you're supposed to use the fucking config.exes to set controls?
[8:21:46 PM PDT] The A&C: holy shit zun is such a dick smack
[8:21:56 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): i'm not sure if he did the programming on that one
[8:21:56 PM PDT] The A&C: the fucking kicker is this shit
[8:22:00 PM PDT] The A&C:
[8:22:12 PM PDT] The A&C: once i get my selection down to 2 or 3 dicks i cant fucking get it back to suck 1 dick
[8:22:28 PM PDT] The A&C: god dam i want to punch zun in the crotch right now
[8:22:40 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): maybe you need to reset the up key maybe the guy who supplied the download had UP on like o or something
[8:22:59 PM PDT] The A&C: the downloads were fresh
[8:23:03 PM PDT] The A&C: the up key seemed to work
[8:23:26 PM PDT] Minato Arisato (Ken [Christian]): also beautiful ms paint skills
[8:23:36 PM PDT] The A&C: im on a touch pad and seething with rage
[8:23:39 PM PDT] The A&C: i will destroy zun

it's broken again!
reliable tech support
reliable tech support

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