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Post by McKailey on Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:50 pm

This forum, like others, has rules. Disobeying these rules will result in punishment suitable for what you did.

The Rules:
1. Nothing pornographic. Forumotion doesn't allow it, and if you post anything pornographic, your post will be deleted and so will you. This includes certain shocksites.

2. Spam is a no no.
2-1. Quote pyramiding and posting over and over in the wrong forum after being warned is considered spam.

3. Autoplay is fine as long as it is kept in a spoiler tag. This includes flash.

4. Respect other users. Teasing and light flaming is fine, but don't be a complete bitch. If you are not sure what is alright and what is not, here are some examples:
Fine: Joe is an idiot.
Not fine: Joe is a dragon fag who loves dragon cock in the ass penis penis joe sucks dick coks penis joe is a niggerjew

5. "BUT IT'S NOT IN THE RULES." Isn't a valid excuse.

6. "Nobody cares." Isn't a valid excuse

7. Please try to post in the right forum. You will never be banned for this unless you continue posting the same things in the wrong forum after being warned, but please just try. It makes our jobs just a little easier.

8. Complaining is okay if you can do it in a civil manner. Just keep it to one thread and don't cause flamewars and you'll be fine.

9. Do not make an alt to evade bans. If you're banned, you're banned. If you don't know why you're banned or feel you were banned for a bad reason, contact the admins. Do not make another account on here and whine. Not only will the alt be deleted but your ban will be extended.

10. Large images in signatures need to be placed in a spoiler tag.

Chatbox rules:
1. All the rules above still apply.
2. Don't post videos or images. It breaks the whole chat.
3. For the love of God don't spam.

How to contact the staff:


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McKailey - Wife of Antneecb and JoJo

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