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Post by Queen Kghyilda on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:15 am

[10:08:53 PM] Chris W: also
[10:08:56 PM] Chris W: just for the record
[10:09:02 PM] Chris W: amsk8r was the one who asked me to ban you
[10:09:27 PM] MegaRBLX: well i guess i was always a sucker to him anyway
[10:09:30 PM] MegaRBLX: no surprise there
[10:09:39 PM] MegaRBLX: but whatever
[10:09:46 PM] Chris W: [9:29 PM] the air & conditioning:

<<< ban all of the cunts who are participating
for 30 minutes
[10:10:04 PM] MegaRBLX: well you gave in to his commads basically
[10:10:11 PM] MegaRBLX: though he is good at manipulating
[10:10:18 PM] Chris W: most likely i was going to ban all of you anyways
[10:10:24 PM] Chris W: and it would have been harsher
[10:10:46 PM] MegaRBLX: well you seemingly disregarded the flash incident yesterday
[10:10:48 PM] MegaRBLX: but no matter
[10:11:13 PM] MegaRBLX: the account is gone and i'm probably going to do other things
[10:12:08 PM] MegaRBLX: i really just don't see why to bother
[10:12:27 PM] MegaRBLX: i'd rather not have to log in only to see such crap

nooooooooo RSVvC
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Post by ACE MCWICKED on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:15 am

[9:13:53 PM PDT] the air & conditioning: i didnt even know he was participating
[9:14:00 PM PDT] Chris W: i did tell you actually
[9:14:03 PM PDT] the air & conditioning: i took one look over the front page and said nuke them
[9:14:09 PM PDT] Chris W: i guess you didn't notice

it's broken again!
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reliable tech support

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