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ok what just happened Empty ok what just happened

Post by Queen Kghyilda on Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:37 pm

5:35 PM - Protoman: coletureconcept.tumblr.com
5:35 PM - Protoman: spam their ask with
5:35 PM - Protoman: hope rides alone
5:35 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: no piss off
5:36 PM - Protoman: ass face
5:36 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: :)
5:36 PM - Protoman: hey whats with you you dont use emotes
5:36 PM - Protoman: are you RTC
5:36 PM - Protoman: or are you
5:36 PM - Protoman: potate
5:36 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: it's a result of me using skype a lot more than steam nowadays
5:36 PM - Protoman: ah

ok what just happened RSVvC
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