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Post by Queen Kghyilda on Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:47 pm

[7:39:32 PM] Chris W: most of new jersey got demolished by sandy
[7:39:38 PM] The A&C: haha
[7:39:42 PM] The A&C: fucking guidos
[7:39:44 PM] The A&C: suck it
[7:39:58 PM] Chris W: particularly hoboken and atlantic city
[7:40:11 PM] Chris W: which were partially and almost entirely flooded, respectively
[7:40:36 PM] Chris W: on one hand it probably means no jersey shore
[7:40:53 PM] The A&C: "jersey shore: after the hurricane"
[7:40:55 PM] The A&C: want so hard
[7:41:02 PM] The A&C: guidos in distress working to rebuild their lives
[7:41:08 PM] The A&C: yes yes yes make it happen
[7:41:22 PM] Chris W: on the other hand it means most of the actually good portions of jersey that existed previously are now gone
[7:41:41 PM] The A&C: atlantic city is a shithole
[7:41:42 PM] The A&C: silly u
[7:41:52 PM] Chris W: i never said anything about atlantic city
[7:42:03 PM] Chris W: atlantic city is only notable for the boardwalk
[7:42:07 PM] Chris W: that's it
[7:42:28 PM] Chris W: submerging about 90% of it was probably for the better
[7:43:08 PM] Chris W: also staten island got pretty much annihilated
[7:43:23 PM] Chris W: death toll on that island alone is 19 out of the 90+ american deaths
[7:44:17 PM] Chris W: i guess that's what it gets for being staten island

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