in which amsk8r and rtcity discuss pony

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in which amsk8r and rtcity discuss pony

Post by Queen Kghyilda on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:23 am

[12:43:36 AM] The A&C: why have ponies trademarked 'eeyup
[12:43:41 AM] The A&C: i used to say that all the time
[12:43:45 AM] The A&C: and then you faggots took it
[12:43:53 AM] The A&C: why
[12:44:25 AM] Chris W: because for some reason, one of big macintosh's two lines pre season 2 just had to be 'eeyup'
[12:45:11 AM] The A&C: so a pony says it so now it's pony property?
[12:45:14 AM] The A&C: jesus fucking christ
[12:45:15 AM] Chris W: yes
[12:45:18 AM] Chris W: where have you been
[12:45:23 AM] The A&C: at least variants of the word fuck will never make it to mlp
[12:45:26 AM] Chris W: it's been like this since 2010
[12:45:34 AM] The A&C: im stuck in 2003
[12:45:46 AM] The A&C: thats not much of a joke either
[12:46:07 AM] Chris W: [12:45 AM] The A&C:

<<< at least variants of the word fuck will never make it to mlp
[12:46:11 AM] Chris W: they don't even need one
[12:46:19 AM] Chris W: they basically already have it in the form of buck
[12:47:00 AM] Chris W: which from what i know is basically used in universe to mean the same thing
[12:47:33 AM] The A&C: so what are the bitches in the pony fandom like
[12:47:39 AM] Chris W: what
[12:47:47 AM] The A&C: the girls
[12:47:53 AM] The A&C: are they obnoxious
[12:47:56 AM] The A&C: i imagine them as hairy
[12:48:32 AM] Chris W: they seem to be mostly shippers but they appear to be generally less obnoxious than the males
[12:49:13 AM] The A&C: i hate how thats accurate
[12:49:20 AM] The A&C: why are the males in your shitty fandom such pricks
[12:49:38 AM] The A&C: i don't see girls spouting LOVE AND TOLERATE YOU TO DEATH or MODS ASLEEP POST PONIES ROFL much
[12:49:48 AM] Chris W: i have no idea why
[12:51:40 AM] Chris W: although
[12:51:53 AM] Chris W: there was one time where the girls were being obnoxious faggots
[12:52:18 AM] Chris W: and that was when big macintosh got canonically hooked up with someone who wasn't fluttershy
[12:52:45 AM] Chris W: but otherwise they seem to be less obnoxious
[12:53:42 AM] The A&C: >shipping with fluttershy
[12:53:50 AM] The A&C: i dont know FUCK about ponies but i know thats wrong
[12:54:05 AM] Chris W: well so is shipping spike with anybody
[12:54:17 AM] The A&C: not as in morally
[12:54:37 AM] The A&C: well it is morally reprensible
[12:54:44 AM] The A&C: you're not supposed to ship the shy quiet girl
[12:54:49 AM] The A&C: these are things everyone knows
[12:55:08 AM] Chris W: you're not supposed to ship a baby either
[12:55:33 AM] Chris W: it didn't stop people from shipping spike though
[12:56:37 AM] The A&C: tumblr fandoms in charge of not being fucking deplorable
[12:56:42 AM] The A&C: you're trash among trash
[12:57:02 AM] The A&C: you cant stay past a moral line in SHIPPING
[12:57:04 AM] The A&C: SHIPPING
[12:57:11 AM] The A&C: tumblr needs to die
[12:57:45 AM] Chris W: in any case
[12:58:45 AM] Chris W: the writers basically encouraged shippers in the season finale
[12:58:53 AM] The A&C: how so
[12:59:11 AM] Chris W: dash giving flutter a subtle kiss
[12:59:20 AM] Chris W: i know this because RD101 made a huge deal out of it on OTB
[12:59:30 AM] The A&C: so much fucking lel
[12:59:39 AM] The A&C: back when i was volunteering at tard camp this summer
[12:59:47 AM] The A&C: you know how i mentioned that one ponyfag?
[12:59:49 AM] Chris W: YES
[12:59:59 AM] The A&C: i argued with him for HOURS over if hasbro is pandering to the fanbase
[1:00:06 AM] The A&C: he can fucking blow me
[1:00:13 AM] The A&C: he said they werent pandering]
[1:00:24 AM] Chris W: it's kind of obvious they are
[1:00:34 AM] The A&C: i guess hes in denial
[1:00:53 AM] Chris W: also FiM has like a really bad thing for memes
[1:01:04 AM] Chris W: there have been like four references to them in the show
[1:01:38 AM] Chris W: the two i remembe though are awesome face and chocolate rain
[1:01:47 AM] Chris W: i only know that because of ROT
[1:03:12 AM] The A&C: jesus christ it's 2007 in 2012
[1:03:19 AM] The A&C: and of course youd know this from ROT
[1:03:23 AM] The A&C: pony secondaries
[1:03:24 AM] The A&C: seriously
[1:03:33 AM] The A&C: are you ever going to watch the series
[1:03:39 AM] Chris W: probably at some point
[1:03:43 AM] The A&C: i'll watch it with you if it's of any motivation
[1:03:47 AM] The A&C: we can do a commentary
[1:03:59 AM] The A&C: we watch it at the same time and comment as it goes along
[1:04:08 AM] Chris W: i guess
[1:04:16 AM] Chris W: also that awesome face thing was back in like 2011
[1:04:36 AM] The A&C: i hear it's pretty shitty so i guess i can torture myself for a while if it makes a person in the world less secondary
[1:04:50 AM] Chris W: i have a fim playlist courtesy of dogman
[1:05:04 AM] The A&C: lets do triple commentary
[1:05:17 AM] Chris W: i should make a video out of it later on
[1:05:23 AM] Chris W: or something like that
[1:05:47 AM] Chris W: but uh who is that third person going to eb
[1:06:50 AM] The A&C: wat
[1:07:01 AM] Chris W: um
[1:07:07 AM] Chris W: 'triple commentary'
[1:07:16 AM] Chris W: unless you meant three episodes or something
[1:08:35 AM] The A&C: with dogman
[1:08:51 AM] Chris W: i'll see if i can get him
[1:09:14 AM] Chris W: alas he is only on steam i think so it will be a pain
[1:09:26 AM] Chris W: unless i voice chat him i guess
[1:09:32 AM] Chris W: in which case he may notice
[1:10:05 AM] The A&C: voice chat is gay
[1:10:23 AM] Chris W: but it might get him to notice since he's on busy and that means he probably won't see my messages
[1:10:56 AM] Chris W: should i
[1:12:13 AM] Chris W: bloody hell dogman
[1:12:23 AM] Chris W: that didn't work
[1:12:39 AM] Chris W: oh well
[1:12:45 AM | Edited 1:12:50 AM] The A&C: we should get magician or kenpokid in then
[1:12:57 AM] The A&C: kenpokid participating would be lol
[1:13:04 AM] Chris W: magician isn't on : (
[1:13:09 AM] The A&C: i noticed
[1:13:52 AM] The A&C: and kenpo is away
[1:13:55 AM] The A&C: fack
[1:14:20 AM] Chris W: let me see if i can find someone
[1:14:31 AM] Chris W: wow
[1:14:54 AM] Chris W: literally everyone on my steam friends list is away except for lcke and some guy from unillogical
[1:15:43 AM] Chris W: let me pester ant
[1:16:10 AM] Chris W: then again he has a hurricane bearing down upon him so he might also be gone
[1:16:26 AM] The A&C: oh shut the fuck up it's just some wind and water
[1:16:33 AM] The A&C: remember hurricane irene last year?
[1:16:36 AM] The A&C: the shitstorm was ungodly
[1:16:38 AM] Chris W: yes
[1:16:41 AM] The A&C: and fuck all happened
[1:17:03 AM] Chris W: that's because irene didn't have a nor'easter coming in around the same time it made landfall
[1:17:35 AM] Chris W: anyways
[1:17:47 AM] Chris W: i don't think we're going to get anybody else to join in our little thin g
[1:17:59 AM] Chris W: unless you want to take a chance with lcke
[1:18:18 AM] Chris W: nevermind
[1:18:26 AM] Chris W: lcke's off
[1:18:32 AM] Chris W: i guess it's just us then.
[1:18:43 AM] The A&C: he'd probably remove you for asking anyways
[1:19:10 AM] Chris W: so anyways i have the playlist right here
[1:19:25 AM] Chris W:
[1:20:27 AM] Chris W: tell me when you want to start
[1:20:38 AM] The A&C: not right now assfaglord
[1:20:41 AM] Chris W: lol
[1:20:47 AM] The A&C: how about tomorrow around 3:30 PM
[1:20:49 AM] The A&C: PST
[1:20:52 AM] Chris W: oh my god
[1:20:54 AM] Chris W: hahahahah
[1:20:58 AM] The A&C: wat
[1:21:17 AM] The A&C: faggot
[1:21:19 AM] The A&C: you mock me
[1:21:27 AM] The A&C: ill do this shit right goddamn now
[1:21:29 AM] Chris W: no
[1:22:07 AM] Chris W: we probably should get a third person to do this in all honesty so i guess tomorrow is okay


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