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Post by Queen Kghyilda on Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:32 am

11:10 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: actually i was busy trying to destroy some terrible site
11:10 PM - Cassord: what site
11:10 PM - Cassord: link me
11:10 PM - Kamarada RTCitia:
11:11 PM - Cassord: whats about it
11:11 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: it's basically a roblox knockoff
11:11 PM - Cassord: what the fuck
11:11 PM - Cassord: like
11:11 PM - Cassord: not even 16 members
11:11 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: for the past six or so hours me and a bunch of other people have been messing with it and manipulating our way into power
11:11 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: they're so incompetent that it's easy
11:12 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: they can't even code right
11:12 PM - Cassord: how do you even play this game?
11:12 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: you don't i think
11:12 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: but anyways
11:12 PM - Cassord: i dont understand/
11:13 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: i don't really get it either
11:13 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: but anyways, like i said me and a bunch of other people have been trying to take it down for good, and we've done it a few times today already
11:13 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: almost
11:13 PM - Cassord: how do take down
11:14 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: well, for awhile we just went through their image server to get to their ACP, because they didn't restrict access to it
11:14 PM - Cassord: acp
11:14 PM - Cassord: what are all these words
11:14 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: admin control panel
11:14 PM - Cassord: I have no experiencie
11:14 PM - Cassord: OMFG
11:14 PM - Cassord: whatiathpoijfoasif
11:14 PM - Cassord: HOW???
11:14 PM - Cassord: are they THAT sutpI?D
11:14 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: yup
11:15 PM - Cassord: i do not know how to wed design
11:15 PM - Cassord: but
11:15 PM - Cassord: ReALLY?
11:15 PM - Cassord: SERiouslY?
11:15 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: yes
11:15 PM - Cassord: OMfg
11:15 PM - Cassord: can i help
11:15 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: and the avatar issue they had which caused the site reset could be fixed by changing one .php thing
11:15 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: i guess you can help
11:15 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: kind of
11:15 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: somehow
11:16 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: although i'm not sure how
11:16 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: since amsk8r slinked his way into administrative power and the only thing preventing us from destroying everything for good is that the head admin basically made the ACP totally and utterly bare bone
11:16 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: essentially meaning that you can't do anything
11:17 PM - Cassord: oh
11:17 PM - Cassord: fidd1esticks
11:17 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: but in the morning he'll probably pester the head admin into changing that
11:17 PM - Cassord: but anyways
11:17 PM - Cassord: how do you like the idea of
11:18 PM - Cassord:
11:18 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: dunno
11:19 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: i guess it's a good idea but then i haven't really roleplayed or made a roleplay in almost three years so in all honesty i couldn't give much criticism
11:19 PM - Cassord: ok
11:20 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: also i guess i should give you a few of the links to the old pre-shutdown version of SM just to give you an idea of what it looked like before we started messing with it horribly
11:21 PM - Cassord: ok
11:21 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: or rather a little thread where i basically ended up compiling a bunch of stuff from the preshutdown
11:21 PM - Kamarada RTCitia:
11:21 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: they weren't exactly subtle about copying Roblox.
11:22 PM - Cassord: omfg
11:22 PM - Cassord: what were some of these items done in
11:22 PM - Cassord: ms paint?
11:22 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Probably.
11:22 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: We don't really know.
11:24 PM - Cassord: omfg
11:24 PM - Cassord: look at the header on the site
11:24 PM - Cassord: "everybody was reset.Please sign up again.Artist upload items."
11:24 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: They tend to abuse that thing horribly.
11:24 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Also, they only now got around to fixing the avatar issue thing.
11:24 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Five hours after it started.
11:25 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: For the record, the only thing they needed to fix was this thing.
11:25 PM - Kamarada RTCitia:
11:25 PM - Cassord: lol
11:27 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: And some more of this.
11:27 PM - Cassord: what is jwist
11:27 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Jwist was basically a worse version of SM.
11:28 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: I had an entire article written up about OT's raid on Jwist, but alas it has been deleted by wikia along with the rest of the OTSW [which was the wiki of the forum I'm linking you to]
11:28 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: But as I was saying.
11:28 PM - Kamarada RTCitia:
11:28 PM - Cassord: lol
11:29 PM - Cassord: but like
11:29 PM - Cassord: fuckin seriusly'
11:29 PM - Cassord: like
11:29 PM - Cassord: what do you Even DO?
11:29 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: I have no idea.
11:29 PM - Cassord: in the thing
11:29 PM - Cassord: do you just
11:29 PM - Cassord: buy stuff for your character?
11:30 PM - Cassord: and even then what do you do with it
11:30 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: I guess. They were apparently in the process of developing it.
11:30 PM - Cassord: how did you find this site
11:30 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Idiot on ROT advertising it.
11:30 PM - Cassord: rot?
11:30 PM - Cassord: whats that
11:30 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Roblox's Off Topic section.
11:31 PM - Cassord: oh
11:31 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Because nobody outside of Roblox calls Off Topic Off Topic.
11:32 PM - Kamarada RTCitia: Since you know, there's a hundred billion off topics out there.
11:32 PM - Cassord: ohk


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Re: chat.txt

Post by ACE MCWICKED on Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:10 am

i stopped caring once i noticed he was using a WHACKY AND EPIC homestuck speech quirk

it's broken again!
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