rabid antis are just as bad as rabid bronies

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rabid antis are just as bad as rabid bronies

Post by spinnythings on Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:22 pm

An anon to Mulp wrote:Well I ran into this brony I know at Fuddruckers. I know him from highschool and he's one of those obsessed types that incessantly talks about the show. I graduated this year and thought I'd leave him a parting gift by outing him and shouting him down in a public place. but he went to the bathroom before I could do it. he did leave his iphone though. so I walked over to his table and pretended I knew him and said he needed his phone. I took it out to the parking lot and stomped that shit. I WIN

I believe you owe me an award of recognitiion, Mulp! I must've cost that brony between 150 and 300 dollars for that iphone. Hell, I'll bring you that gay fucker's head if you want! the world could use a favor.

bitches please! I know I am in the right. bronies are twisted wormy shits that wallow in the most absolute of depravities. There's no redeeming those fucktards. Their property, their bodies and their goddamn minds are forfeit. This blog is a massive testament their evil and none of you would even be following it if you didn't know I was right down in the deep of your moral hearts. I am not moved by anger but by logic. I am reason in action! breaking a phone isn't enough to covince you it seems.

(someone says its a temper tantrum)
There was no temper tantrum my friend. I took a deep breath after I finished eating and thought for a minute. There's no gray area with those THINGS. To give even an inch even for the moderate is to permit the blackest of the extremes.
wtfkashblog wrote:Anon needs to calm his grits. That's no way to treat a human being over what they like. Stop being a goob and man up.
The anon, again wrote:@wtfkashblog "human being"? I don't think they even want to be human beings. Mulp has the post in archive to support this. They want to be animals. They want to be goddamning ponies! I would give them that. By hunting them down and stringing them up and branding them. REAL human beings shouldn't have to share space with the likes of them. Neither Physical nor Digital.

(after a bunch of comments telling him to cool his jets)
I'm done with you brony fuckers. Mulp.... keep documenting the 'Disease'. Let these fuckshits see the light and the way.

In the end Mulp, people are idiots. I can't wait to see what happens 10 years from now. This fuck-knockers are going to be so embarrassed. It is going to be great.
the funny part is this guy claims to be 18
what a redneck

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Re: rabid antis are just as bad as rabid bronies

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:30 pm

them darn city folk


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